Ian Ziering was paid for this bad film he made
Where sharks fall from the sky-y
Chris Pratt plays a man who forms a rogue band
Half of whom are CGI-I
Now The Doctor’s reborn and his face is well-worn
By a man who swears like a sailor
Join Starchibald and Jim as they sit back and take in
This trio of sci-fi trailers

Are you looking to be a more informed purchaser of meat? Well, if you can retain consciousness for the duration of the government-sponsored short, you might pick up a tip or two. Might. No promises.

Prepare for awkward pauses and blown lines NOT coming from Starch and Sunny Jim in “The Quality of the Meat You Buy”!

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Our futuristic Patreon Patrons get to watch our Sci-Fi Trailer Triple Feature 24 hours early, and that’s not all! Check out our Patreon page by clicking here!

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Are you worried about the effects of nuclear fallout on your livestock? … you are? Really? Wow. Uh… we had a joke here, but you kind of threw us off with that admission. Huh. Hoo. Yeah.

So uh… Starchibald and Sunny Jim… say things… over this series of civil defense TV spots aimed at the rural inhabitant. So… ummm… we guess you’ll learn something?

*edges away slowly*

Celebrate the 4th of July the traditional American way, with a Civil Defense film riffed by two creatures from an Island Nation and the inhabitants of a despotic nation-state.

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Safety-y the Safety Sprite survived his last encounter with the Rangoons and is out for revenge, and he’s brought a host of his Object-Lesson-Spite pals with him to do it. His secret weapon? Soapy the Germ Fighter, a pantaloons-clad six foot tall cowboy soap that appears in the bedrooms of sleeping children. For reasons of cleanliness. 

Scrub up with Starchibald, Sunny Jim and guest voices Linkara, Obscurus Lupa, Scott Summerton and a surprise mystery voice for… Soapy the Germ Fighter!

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Here’s why Monty Python was such a smash hit.

Join Starchibald and Sunny Jim as they witness a disembodied narrator alternate between educating and attempting to murder Sir Hamface Buffoonington, Esquire, in a series of post-war British PSAs. 

Keep Calm and Mock Along!

Rangoon Riffs: What to do in a Gas Attack: Feat Diamanda Hagan & The Omega!

Sunny Jim’s latest hair-brained scheme has landed the Rangoons face-to-face with Diamanda Hagan, and has landed them both face-to-mask with the Omega! Will bonding over a civil defense short lead to a stronger, more iron-fisted rule for the Isle or will Sunny Jim wind up a fashionable coat? 

Learn the answers to these burning questions (as well as how to neutralize a chemical weapons attack using enema bottles) in… What to do in a Gas Attack!

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