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Even a good message can be told poorly. Try and tell an important message with ear-bleeding calliope “music”, clunky forced rhyming and animation that makes “Deputy Dawg” look like “Akira”, and you’ve got a disaster even before people get to the horrific world you’re setting up. There’s more creeps on the streets in this short than in “Hobo With A Shotgun”.

So just because “The Cautious Twins” has good advice at its core… really, what the hell, short?

Sunny Jim and Starch face the return of the Mysterious Malefactor! 

After months of slacking, the Malefactor is back and he has a disturbing marionette-filled short all about the joys and miseries of telephone operation for the Rangoons. He’s out to make up for lost time but an even more powerful force has its claws in his would-be victims: Starbound!*

Take a trip to the distant past, when telephones had dials, busy signals and sufficient mass to fell a mature bison with a single blow in… Adventure in Telezonia! 

*This video also doubles as a review of the Starbound Beta.

What do you get when you combine robots and cops? A fun TV show called Almost Human. But we’re not here to talk about that. Instead, join us for a riff of the trailer to the newly released Robocop remake.

Rangoon Reviews: Elf Bowling!

Starchibald and Sunny Jim face off against the animated film that has everything: Union negotiations, pirates, living tiki statues, catfights, bowling, strip pinochle, torture and strudel! Wait… isn’t this supposed to be a Christmas movie? Maybe if it was written by aliens whose only knowledge of humanity came from reddit. Put on your special shoes and make peace with the deity of your choice, its ELF BOWLING!

Remember, if you haven’t seen it before, it’s new to you!

Rangoon Rifflets: Fateful Findings

This may be the “The Room” for… well, for the same generation as “The Room” was, but… look, you get the idea. Holy wow.

Sunny Jim and Starchibald hack into the outright fascinating trailer for “Fateful Findings”, a movie sure to end up the subject of many a reviewerverse episode

Happy Halloween from the Isle of Rangoon!

It’s a Halloween miracle as Obscurus Lupa trick-or-treats her way to the Isle of Rangoon and she’s brought a 1970’s Educational Film about dental hygiene with her! Don’t worry about Starchibald and Sunny Jim, they more or less brought this on themselves.

Necco wafers, haunted mansions, proper brushing technique and Caesar Romero await in… THE HAUNTED MOUTH!

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Stupid numbers. What did they ever do for us? Apparently keep another demonic hellsprite at bay. Bad film cuts, needle-in-ear voiceovers and a dullard even by 1950s standards await you in “Day Without Numbers”!

Happy Dreary Halloween everyone! Our good friends at Encyclopedia Britannica have last-minute costume concepts for you in this spooky baffling short that is sure to fill you with terror & fright confusion & unease.

Join Starchibald Tony Starch and Sunny Jim Mrs. Pac-Man as they take on shamelessly revisit Franz Kafka’s Existential Allhallows Hoedown Halloween Party!