Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! This episode, someone DIES! 

And by someone, we mean our patience. 

It’s our 1-year anniversary, so let’s celebrate crossover style! Starchibald and Sunny Jim are joined by special guest victi- er, riffer LINKARA to take on the “lost short”, the one that got away from MST3K, the mylar propaganda piece “What’s It To You?”! 

All this and a bunch of surprises in this special anniversary episode!

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    Reblogging to remind myself to watch this tonight
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    Alright, home from work after having been able to actually watch it, and this is awesome! Super great big anniversary...
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    Heh. Well, taking a cue from Weird Al, we’re big believers in asking permission if we do any kind of extended/visual...
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    -almost clicks- Oh… Linkara. … -walks away-
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    Diamanda Hagan kind of almost gets mentioned in this! And she has a ‘special thanks' credit, so she must have...
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    Been looking forward to this for weeks. Awesome!
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