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Is Old Man Cthulhu coming back?

Yep. We’re planning on one very soon.

Rangoon Rifflet: TMNT 2014

Hah! Thought we were gonna use that one shot for the thumbnail, didn’t ya? See, this is how we keep things fresh!

Blar blar Michael Bay yawp yawp CGI yackity schmackity what’s wrong with your faaaaaaace.


And it’s here!

If you don’t know me: Hi. Nice to meet you. Crazy weather, like whoa.

Anyway, I do comedic movie reviews on the web. So bad it’s good movies, cult classics, genre shows, and miscellaneous mishmash in between! You can find me here.

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Does the island have a Slender Man? Do you think they'll ever feature ol slendy in a psa, or would that be in bad taste?

The Isle is a bit low-rent for your really meme-worthy pasta creepers. We have our own mythical terrors.

There’s old Man Cthulhu, of course, but he mostly just yells at you to get off his many-angled lawn.

There’s the South Olbenshire Ragpile Hag, of course, but that turned out to be a gang of bonobos with a sewing machine.

And there was the Fleeceland’s Strangler, who in the late 1990s baffled police and evaded mob justice by leaping over fences and spitting sparks from his mouth. This turned out to be a duck with its foot stuck in one of those old soda six-pack rings.

But for monsters we haven’t debunked yet, there’s the Under-walker. Legend has it the Under-walker is a terrifying creature, huge with pale skin, wet eyes and limp hair that lurks behind and slightly underneath its victims. It’s said you can feel his presence by the sensation of bony fingers with less-than-ideally-trimmed-fingernails ticking the inside of your snout. When you feel him, you must never, ever look at him or acknowledge his existence or time will skip back to the start of the last sentence you’ve said, dooming you to repeat events endlessly until you satisfy his unknowable standards or he decides it is “good enough”.

Who’s on the frontpage? We’re on the frontpage!

Who’s on the frontpage? We’re on the frontpage!

Even a good message can be told poorly. Try and tell an important message with ear-bleeding calliope “music”, clunky forced rhyming and animation that makes “Deputy Dawg” look like “Akira”, and you’ve got a disaster even before people get to the horrific world you’re setting up. There’s more creeps on the streets in this short than in “Hobo With A Shotgun”.

So just because “The Cautious Twins” has good advice at its core… really, what the hell, short?



Our friend Jiwon Lee is missing. She is 5’2 and 120 pounds and, though this is not in the police notice, you should know also that she is smart and beautiful and great. We are all hoping for her safe return.

As a stand-up comic and producer, she was an integral part of the comedy community…

As a director they can give you real clarity about when small moments/things work, sometimes they are more fluid than actors. The technicality of puppetry does set performance parameters, but when done well puppetry transports audiences utterly.
Director Emma Williams on the subject of actors vs. puppets
(via puppetvision)